Under the leadership and direction of Mr. Dan Hiltz, and Mrs. Mary Beth Wynne our youth engage in fun activities, Bible study, mission outreaches and retreats.

When: Sunday evenings Time: 6-8pm Where: LHUMC Youth Room or Fellowship Hall.

Our Sunday gatherings are designed with teens in mind – a space to foster close relationships, have some fun and games, delve into Bible devotions, and share in the power of prayer. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

1. Close Relationships: Life is a journey best shared with others. Our gatherings provide a platform for you to build close relationships with your peers. Whether a newcomer or a regular attendee, teens find a welcoming community ready to embrace them. Sunday evenings are all about coming together, sharing stories, and creating lasting memories. Our fellowship time allows teens to unwind, connect, and be surrounded by positive energy.

2. Fun and Games: Let’s face it – life can get pretty serious sometimes. Our gatherings inject a healthy dose of fun and games. From interactive games to team-building activities, laughter is guaranteed.

3. Bible Devotions: Nourish your spirit and gain insights into life’s challenges through our engaging Bible devotions. We’ll explore relevant topics, discuss how faith intersects with our daily lives, and grow together in our spiritual journey.

4. Prayer: There’s power in collective prayer. Each meeting we come together to lift each other up, share our joys and concerns, and create a supportive network that extends beyond our Sunday gatherings.
Our youth group schedule is always subject to changes.
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For more information contact Dan Hiltz: dhiltzy@gmail.com