Our Nursery is currently unavailable
while we are seeking a new volunteer coordinator.
Our nursery is staffed with capable, trained volunteers every Sunday. They provide supervision as well as Bible stories and activities for the children in a loving environment.
Nursery is available during 9am worship on Sunday mornings.
Children (infants through 3 years old) may be dropped off and left with our staff while parents attend worship.
Health and Safety requirements for use of the Nursery:
  • Children and volunteers will have their temperature screened prior to entering the nursery. A child or volunteer with a temperature over 100.4 will not be allowed to enter.
  • If you notice symptoms of illness before coming to church, please do not bring your child to nursery.
Our Statement of Covenant
As a Christian community of faith committed to ministry to and with children, we pledge to conduct all our activities and ministries in such a way that assures the safety and spiritual growth of all children and youth entrusted to us. We will follow reasonable safety measures in the selection and recruitment of workers and we will be responsible in overseeing our programs and events and in training our staff, so that they are able and equipped to minister to children in Jesus’ name. We will report and respond to all suspected incidents of abuse as is required by state law and our moral conscience and we will be prepared to minister to the families of both the abused and the perpetrator or be prepared to make referrals if it exceeds our in-house expertise.
Policy for the protection of Children
  • Two Adult Rule: there will be two adults in each classroom. If this is not possible, there will be a roaming adult who moves amid the classrooms/areas during the program period.
  • Each room will have an unobstructed window or the door will be left open at all times.
  • Teachers and volunteers will receive training yearly on policy for the protection of children and how to recognize signs of abuse. Anyone who has not completed training will not be allowed to work with children or youth.
  • Volunteers and staff will complete a participation covenant statement and application, and may be subject to a criminal background check.
Our Nursery is for children up to 3 years old. Older children should attend worship with their parents. Worship, more than anything, should be done together as a family. We want children to worship alongside their parents.

Through the years we’ve seen children we’ve served, who had once been on fire for God and in love with His presence, slowly drift away from church and the Lord. We, along with many other churches around the world, have seen that the model of children’s ministry in the church, where children are separate from their parents, was not working! Children graduate out of Sunday school and feel like there is nothing left for them at church. Something had to change, because the “fig tree” of children’s ministry just had so little fruit. We’ve recognized that it is time to plant a new seed.  Our new Sunday morning worship schedule is designed to create lifelong worshipers and followers of Jesus.  Faith is caught more than it is taught. Having children worship alongside their parents and other believers in worship will model for them what worship looks like. Children learn by doing, and children learn to worship by worshiping.

We know (and expect) that children are going to have trouble sitting still and being quiet. That’s okay! We want children in worship! Worshiping God is a joyous privilege that is not to be reserved for adults. God loves children and so do we – wiggles and all.