Leadership Team

Action Ministries


Co-Chairs: Dave Chizmadia
Plans/Implements experiences connecting us spiritually with God thru music, prayer, message, communion, participation and more.

Missional Outreach

Chair: Bob Abel


Plans/leads compassionate outreach ministries; encouraging all to be Christ-like locally, nationally and globally through learning, giving and serving.


Co-Chairs: Sal Aloisio
& Mary Beth Wynne
Guides us to be better disciples thru education, prayer groups, shepherding, encouragement, caring, small groups, stewardship and more.




Communicates to Church Family and beyond of activities and events by LHUMC or supported by LHUMC; always proclaiming the Good News and inviting all to a relationship with Christ.

Supporting Ministries

Pastor Parish Relations

Chair: Sharon Chizmadia


Supports/encourages relationships with pastor, staff and their families. Addresses all (paid staff) personnel matters.


Co-Chairs: Vernon Shaffer
& Roger Wilson


Oversees non-financial assets: Building, use of building, equipment, furnishings, insurance and administering undesignated bequests.


Chair: Pastor Michael Bynum


Provides administrative/office support to all ministries as well as supervision of salaried staff and oversight to Childcare and Preschool programs.


Co-Chairs: Cecil Underwood
& Joe Foster


Oversees Church Finances including budgeting, payroll, banking, endowment, etc.

Leadership Development

Co-Chairs: Glenn Shipley
& Pastor Michael Bynum

Identifies, prepares, recruits, nurtures and supports leaders for all ministries.

Leadership Team

Co-Chairs: Dan Hiltz
& Megan Renes

Secretary: Phyllis Crockett

Lay Leader: Wayne Sanders
Governing body of  LHUMC
We believe this leadership structure simplifies the LHUMC organizational structure, reduces the number of major committees, provides a clearer understanding of where/who to go to with ideas/concerns and ensures that all are working toward the LHUMC mission and vision statements; Guided by God’s Word and empowered by the Holy Spirit, LHUMC through its ministries will share God’s message with today’s world. And through the power of Jesus Christ, we will make disciples who make disciples by welcoming all, growing together, and making a difference.
We invite our faith community to reach out to these teams with ideas, concerns, or to get involved in the growth and support of this Body of Christ.
We value everyone in our community of faith and feel communication is important.
Our goal is to keep everyone informed for together we are stronger.