Although we have not been together much during COVID, LHUMC has been at work planning new equipment for the sanctuary to improve sight and sound including:

  • An upgraded sound system with features to assist anyone experiencing difficulty hearing.
  • Cameras, lights and equipment to transmit worship and other events live.  Even when ill, confined to home or traveling, many will be able to experience worship almost as if they were present in the sanctuary.


In addition to serving our own church family, these new features can help LHUMC be better accepted in today’s changing world by reaching new disciples (in person and by computer/electronic access).  For example, someone can be invited to experience worship with us in the privacy of their own home before considering joining us in person.


The Leadership Team intends to replace the portable screen with two large permanent monitors (one above each set of doors as worshipers look forward) that would assist anyone with visual difficulties to better follow along and participate in worship.


The good news is that funds are already available through monetary gifts from personal estates.  The even better news is that these funds were given with restrictions that allow them to be used only for changes like these that add to or maintain our church building and facilities.  These funds cannot be used for day-to-day operating costs, like salaries, utilities or insurance needs.


We ask that you be open to learning and understanding why this equipment is important and to share your thoughts as, together, we continue moving ahead as a caring and loving church community.


To comment or learn more, please contact Dan Hiltz or Megan Renes (Co-Chairs, LHUMC Leadership Team). Although not required, written comments will be most helpful for us in sharing your thoughts with other LHUMC leaders exactly as you express them.  Comments will be accepted through Sunday May 9, 2021.


Dan Hiltz

1241 Castine Court

Pasadena, MD 21122-226

Megan Renes

7875 Walnut Grove Rd.

Severn, MD 21144

Prayerfully, we desire that these changes be part of a plan, as we recover from COVID, that helps reunite and inspire the LHUMC family in discipling one another while also reaching new disciples, especially those who will become LHUMC’s next generation.


“…And since we are all one body in Christ, we belong to each other,

and each of us needs all the others.”  Romans 12:5